School, Crochet, Crochet and More Crochet

It has been an incredibly busy week at Chez Cummings.  The week began with the ‘baby’ of the family starting school.  He was so excited to get dressed up in a uniform just like his big brother.  So, excited, I couldn’t actually get him to stay still for his photograph.  Although, to be honest, bouncing around is probably a more accurate way to remember the moment!

First Day at School

What this means for me is a few extra hours in the day in which to crochet – YAY.  So, in my newly-extended crochet world, I’ve been getting my latest patterns tested for release.  The first is a lacy shawl with matching fingerless gloves.  My testers had to work especially hard on the crochet gloves. For some reason, my usual attention to detail went on holiday – I ended up with one cuff completely facing the opposite direction to the other (and not in a good, symmetrical way)…oops :O

Things seem to be back on track with them now though and, with a bit of luck, these will be ready for release, in my Ravelry store, by the end of the week.

Sticking with the theme of fingerless gloves, I’m also trialing a new shaping method. These gloves are crocheted in one piece, with the thumb first, and the hand section shaped around it.  First trials are going well and really hopeful that the style will be popular once the sizing is perfected – they are ever so comfortable :)

While my testers were busy hooking and checking, I took a little break from my own patterns and went on the hunt for something else to crochet.  I didn’t have to hunt very hard – my Facebook feed practically screamed at me when Mandy’s Craft Tales posted the link to this vintage crochet bedspread block.  I couldn’t resist giving it a go and I love how it turned out ♥

Crochet Block Vintage Pattern Puritan Bedspread

Finally, I remembered two days before the end of the month that we didn’t have a dc2tog crochet-along (CAL) planned for May.  Digging through my old notes and inspiration files, I came across a picture of a cabled owl – you’ve probably the seen type of thing I mean, they were really popular last year; appearing on hats, ear warmers, mittens and gloves.  Anyway, here’s my take on the design.

Cabled Owl Potholder

It’s an advanced pattern so I’ve put together a full picture tutorial to encourage the intermediate crocheter to give it a go.  Full details of the CAL and how to get the FREE pattern throughout the month of May are here.  I hope you’ll join us and give it a go.