All things hook, yarn and crochet!

As you might imagine, the crochet section is all about crochet.  As you might further imagine, being a crochet designer, there’s a lot of that ;)

Crochet Pattern Collage.jpg

If it’s any consolation, I only blog about 10% of my thoughts – my mind is a whole lot more cluttered than this place ;)

That said, I do understand it can still be difficult to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.  So, in theory, this is how it works:

I’ve tried to make the Crochet section easier to navigate by splitting it up into Photo Props, Free Patterns, TutorialsGiveaways and More Crochet.   You will also find a search box in the sidebar that may help you locate that illusive item you’re seeking.  If you’re looking for a specific pattern, you can find my full range on Ravelry – the bundles feature should help you narrow down the choices.

But, if you’re still feeling stuck, lazy or getting even slightly frustrated, please don’t run off!  Just drop me a quick message and I’ll do my best to find what you’re looking for :)