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A Wander into the World of Paper-cutting

Although my first love will always be crochet, every now and then I like to wander off and play with some other toys for a while. Over the years I have experimented with sewing, felting, embossing, glass etching, clay making and numerous other crafts.  April has been one of those wandering times.

I started the month with a little bit of knitting.

Knitted Nineteen Hundred House Dishcloth

This nineteen hundred house was a lovely re-introduction into the craft and it made the most amazing change to work one of Amanda (chalklegs) Ochocki’s patterns as she has tested so many of mine.

Later that week, my daughter Stacey (SLS-Creative) Sansom dragged me into the depths of paper-cutting.  Since I don’t know how to design in Illustrator, and my knife skills are better suited to carving a turkey, my main role consisted of changing blades and peeling things off the cutting mat (why those things are as sticky as they are is beyond me but that’s a whole other post).

For now, I will leave you with some of the results of our hair pulling, nail biting, paper-cutting play.

I wonder where the rest of the month will take me!