Love and Friendship

I have two new patterns to share with you today – both with a theme of love and friendship ♥

The first is a Welsh Lovespoon (or love spoon).

Welsh Lovespoon

The Welsh Lovespoon is traditionally a wooden spoon, decoratively carved, as a gift of romantic intent.  Today, they are given for wedding and anniversary presents, to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or simply as a symbol of friendship and caring.

The earliest know Welsh Lovespoon dates back to 1667 and can be found at St Fagan’s National History Museum, near Cardiff (just down the road from where I live).

The style I have chosen to recreate, according to tradition, symbolises two people coming together forever, in everlasting love and friendship – this is shown by the twisted stem and Celtic knot-work.

Other symbols that were carved into the wood include the lock for security and binding, the horseshoe for luck, the cross for faith and small cages filled with wooden balls to represent a number of children.  You can read more about these beautiful symbols of love and friendship here.

The second is a Friendship Necklace

Friendship Necklace

I’m sure many of you will remember making knotted bracelets and necklaces from embroidery floss.  It was this type of necklace that I originally wanted to create – something that could be tied on and worn as a constant reminder of friendship.

I started out with embroidery cotton and one simple size in mind.  But, the pattern proved to be so much fun to make, I added a full range of suggested sizes.

The friendship necklace is a perfect ‘small’ gift for a friend.  It is quick and easy to make and you’ll never run out of colour choices with the wide range of embroidery thread available.

This one also has some hidden meaning – the single leaf at each end symbolises happiness – when tied, they are together, though apart!

I do hope you like them both <3

As a thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me, both my love and friendship patterns are listed at an introductory price of £1 (until midnight tomorrow) ♥  Also, for a limited time, you can also try to win a copy over on Facebook – Good luck x