Lock For Lovespoon US

Lock For Lovespoon (as seen on right hand spoon)

Lovespoon with Lock

This lock is designed to go with the Lovespoon Pattern which you can find here.  The lock symbolizes security and looking after each other.

YOU WILL NEED around 20 m DK yarn, an appropriate sized hook, a stitch marker and a needle for weaving in ends.  You will also need some offcuts of yarn to stuff the lock.

GAUGE is variable depending on yarn chosen – you should select a similar yarn to that used for the spoon.  If you aim for 4sts and 4 rows of UK dc to 2.5 cm (1”) you should achieve a lock of approximately 5 cm (2″) length and 2.5 cm (1″) width.


This pattern is written in US terms. The UK version is available here.

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
st(s) – stitch(es)
rnd – round
sl st – slip stitch

Lock Base

Commence, at base, with a foundation of 6ch.

Rnd 1:        3sc into 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each of next 3ch, 3sc in final ch, rotate, 1sc in each of the 3 un-worked loops of foundation ch, sl st to first sc to join – 12sts.

Rnd 2:        1ch, 1sc in back loop of each st around, do not join – 12sts.
Rnd 3:        1sc in each st around – 12sts.
Rnd 4:        1sc in each st around – 12sts.

Work 1sc in next st, sl st in next st and fasten off.  Stuff gently with a little matching yarn and close the opening (retaining the shape).  Neaten ends.

Proceed to Lock Hanger.

Lock Hanger

Commence with a foundation of 11ch.

Row 1:        (Starting in 2nd ch from hook) sl st in each ch to end, turn – 10sts.
Row 2:        1ch (pulled tightly), sl st in back loop of each st to end, turn – 10sts.
Row 3:       1ch (pulled tightly), sl st in front loop of each st to end, turn – 10sts.

Fasten off leaving a 30 cm (12”) tail.  Bring last row and foundation ch together.  Close by stitching though both back loops and corresponding foundation ch from one end to the other.

Stitch one end to the top of the lock at one outer edge.  Weave the tail through the top of the Lock Base to the other end.  Pass the handle around the lower right tail of the handle, just above the spoon bowl and stitch firmly to the other outer edge.

If desired you may embroider a keyhole in black yarn.

Lock Close Up