UK fdc – US fsc – Foundation Chain

UK Foundation Chain – double crochet (fdc)

US Foundation Chain – single crochet (fsc)

A chain-less foundation, such as foundation double crochet, is an alternative to creating a foundation chain and then working your first row of stitches into this chain.

Using this technique you create both your chain and your first row of stitches at the same time.

There are some advantages to this method:

  1. It is quicker to work
  2. No more struggling to get the hook into your chains
  3. The edge can look neater than a tradition chain edge (except ones where you work in the lower back bump to achieve a neater edge)
  4. It is sized similarly to a regular row.
  5. Your gauge is likely to be more in keeping with your normal working gauge
  6. It has a little more elasticity than a chain and traditional first row.

Be aware, that number 3 might be a downside if you don’t want that stretch ;)