Crochet Pebbles in Progress

I’ve been busy re-decorating for a while now and my crochet has been sadly neglected. But, my new project combines both decorating and crochet so I’m a happy hooker again!

Introducing the oh-so-simple Crochet Pebbles Rug.

Here’s my Work In Progress picture so you can get an idea of what I mean :)

Crochet Pebbles

I’m using an an IKEA rug (which costs around £1.20).  The idea being that I won’t have to back the pebbles with a non-slip coating to make it safer to use.

There are 5 different sizes of crochet pebbles (crochet instruction below in UK terms) and I’m using 5 different shades of DROPS Safran Combed Cotton 4 ply yarn.

Pebbles 1 to 5

I’m about half way through making the crochet pebbles so I should be ready to glue them all into place by the weekend (time permitting) :)

If you fancy having a go at this really simple project, download the crochet instructions PDF for each of the pebbles.  It’s in UK terms so bear this in mind when you are working it :)

Pebble Rug

I’d love to hear what you think and, if you give it a go, please do pop over to my Facebook page to share your pictures.