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About Thomasina Cummings

My name is Tammy, and I am the designer and publisher behind Thomasina Cummings Designs. I started writing crochet patterns in 2012, after being teased by my loved ones that I was getting old and might forget them ;) What started out as a way of preserving my ideas soon blossomed into the business you see today - one that fitted perfectly around my hectic family life. Each pattern takes around 2 months to create - from initial idea, to creation, through several stages of testing and eventual publication. I am extremely grateful to my testers who work hard to make sure everything is a clear and correct as possible, and to Sarah (Sweet Pea Photography) who so beautifully captures the photo props in use ♥ I do hope you find something you like.


What a crazy couple of VAT filled weeks!!!

Thanks to Twitter and the hashtags #VATMOSS #VATMESS, word has finally got around about the new VAT legislation for EU digital sales that comes into effect as of January 2015 – the upshot is the knitting and crochet world is suddenly discussing more about VAT than we are about stitches ;)

The quick and dirty interpretation of the new legislation is that VAT (as of January) will no longer be calculated based on seller location but on buyer location.  There are currently 28 EU member states (all with different VAT rates) and each wants their own cut.  Ysolda has a wonderfully detailed breakdown of this legislation (from the conference we attended in Edinburgh) over on her blog.   There is currently still a lot of information which needs clarifying and even the experts are having difficulty in agreeing on their answers.  But it does seem, that ultimately, pattern sellers fall under this new rule and things will need to be changed.

So what is my position on this and how will it affect my customers?!?

I started selling patterns a few years ago while at home on maternity leave.  Having this extra income was great for little extras for the family.  I registered as a sole-trader for self-assessment purposes and all was well in my own little world ;)  Since then, Thomasina Cummings Designs has grown.  I sell patterns worldwide including the intra-EU countries (i.e. EU countries other than my own the UK).  I now have a significant income for what I do although, I am no-where near the £81,000 VAT threshold here in the UK.   Yet, despite being under the existing threshold, this new rule still affects me – in fact, it affects anyone who makes a digital sale to the EU…even just a single sale.

I have no doubt that Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, et al will have individual solutions (in fact, Ravelry has already announced theirs here) but I’m a sucker for wanting continuity among my shops…everything from listing info to pricing (where possible).

So, my current plan (though this may well change) is to register for VAT and sign up to use the VAT MOSS system by January.

You may recall, I mentioned previously, the Excel spreadsheet I use to keep my sales records for self-assessment.  Well, this is now updated (Accounts VAT VERSION Blank) to include a country column (on the Transactions sheet).  The country codes I used are on the Running Summary sheet.  Providing the correct country name is entered (and this can be accessed via PayPal on the whole), the Summary will total all sales to the individual countries.  Starting a new one each quarter should make my quarterly VAT MOSS entry a doddle and still enable me to complete my self-assessment with ease – feel free to use it, play around with it, edit it, etc for your own needs.  You can view the formulas if you need to add/remove countries or change currencies, etc.  

UPDATE 30th Nov 2014:  This Accounts VAT VERSION Blank now contains VAT calculator for anyone who wants to experiment with it – The calculation of ‘VAT owing’ to each EU member state is based on inputting into the Transaction Sheet a total price (i.e. one that is inclusive of VAT at the rates shown).  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you spot an error, or need to query something.  PS this is set up to work for UK users who will be declaring zero returns on UK sales and claiming a percentage of VAT back based on actual intra-EU sales

Now all I need to do is figure out how to obtain (and store for 10 years) two pieces of non-contradictory evidence re the location of each customer without breaking any data protection rules…wish me luck!

Mega Event Crochet Pattern Sale

  Are you ready to “Shop ‘Til You DROP?!?!”. Do you like “Lucky Scratch-Offs” and “Sales”?


If so, then you’re in the right place!

I’ve teamed up with 23 amazingly, talented designers to bring you 1 MEGA Black Friday / Holiday Weekend Pattern Sale! This is a sale like no other with discounts ranging from 30-60% off, lucky scratch-offs and an awesome “Grand Finale Giveaway” on Cyber Monday!!!

**Disclaimer: If reading that just caused your heart to race, your palms to sweat and your knees to go weak from excitement, you may have a pattern addiction. Please proceed to your favorite Ravelry shops now to feed it!!!


 “What are these ‘Scratch-Offs’ you speak of? And how do they work?”

Each of the 24 designers have created a promotion sale in their individual Ravelry Shops using Coupon Code: SCRATCHOFF. The discount from shop to shop varies from 30-60%. To find out how much “Your Lucky Scratch-Off” will save you in a particular designer’s shop, simply add their must-haves to your cart and apply the Coupon Code: SCRATCHOFF! You can redeem your lucky scratch-off more than once in each designer’s shop. How FUN is that?!?!


“Who are the designers you speak of? And how do I find them?”

The following are ALL 24 designers participating in this MEGA Sales Event! Simply click on their photo (or link under the photo) to get to their Ravelry Shop and Shop Til You Drop!

**Disclaimer: You may want to grab a cup of coffee and a few snacks. You need to keep your energy level up while shopping!


A Crocheted Simplicity         

Ball Hank n’ Skein      


Charmed By Ewe         

Crafting Friends         

Crochet by Jennifer         

Crystalized Designs

Cuddlepie Crochet         

Danyel Pink Designs         

Felted Button        

Frayed Knot


The Hooked Haberdasher         

Inspired By Ainsley         

KT and the Squid

La Tienda De Paloma      

Pattern Paradise     

Sandy’s Cape Cod Originals   

Sincerely Pam

Snappy Tots        

Thomasina Cummings Designs         

Too Yarn Cute        

Yarning for More

Now that you’re fully armed with knowledge, links and scratch-offs, you can ……

P.S. Don’t forget to come back for the Grand Finale Giveaway on Cyber Monday! Be there or be… sad you missed it!

Happy Holidays of Every Kind,


Errata – Zig Zag Cowl

Errata – Zig Zag Cowl

Zig Zag Cowl

For buyers prior to November 2014, there was a word missing in Rnd 1.  It should read:

(WS) 1ch, 1dc into same place as ch, 1ch – this combination counts as 1htr in stitch count, 1htr into each of next 3sts, 1CO into the last st of Rnd 4 immediately before the 4htr, *miss next st,…

Updates are available automatically on Ravelry and Craftsy.  If you purchased from Etsy and would like an updated copy, please contact me (quoting your order number) and I’ll get it straight out to you.

Errata Helmet

Errata – Skates and Helmet:


For buyers prior to November 2014, the numbering for Round 2 was missing.  It should read:

Rnd 1:  3ch (always counts as 1tr), …


Rnd 2:  (1dc, 2ch) into next sp – counts as 1tr in this and subsequent rnds, …


Rnd 3:  (1dc, 2ch) into next sp, …

Rep Rnd 3, …

Updates are available automatically on Ravelry and Craftsy.  If you purchased from Etsy and would like an updated copy, please contact me (quoting your order number) and I’ll get it straight out to you.

Texture, Stitches and Next Month’s CAL

One thing I love most about crochet is texture.  Colour is awesome of course but, for someone like me (who never ventures far outside the neutral zone), texture is the perfect  way to add interest to a design.

I love playing around with a hook and yarn, experimenting with different combinations or adding a twist to an existing stitch as you can see!

So, this month I’ve been playing with the humble half treble (US half double crochet).  That’s not a stitch primarily known for it’s texture, you may be thinking ;)  But, that’s another great thing about crochet – you can change the texture as easily as changing the placement.

Most people who learn to crochet soon learn about front loops, back loops, both loops and around the stem for post stitches.

But the super thing about the half treble is the magical lower back loop (or bump).

When working in the round, it’s a neat trick to work into this lower back loop to get a cool, knitted effect.  Well, this month I wanted a similar effect for next months dc2tog CAL.  However, the item in question is worked in rows so I’ve had to experiment a bit (which, of course, I loved) :)

So, in preparation for next month’s CAL, here’s a quick ‘How To’ on what I’m calling the modified half treble (US modified half double crochet).  PS For simplicity, I will be using UK terms from this point forward.  When published, the pattern will have both versions :)

UPDATE – pattern is now published and available here!

Begin with a foundation of regular half trebles (htr).  When a htr is worked, you will notice (from the right side) a loop behind the stitch.  This is usually called the lower back loop.

When the row turns, you are now looking at the wrong side of the htr and this loop is at the front of the stitch (closest to you).  This is the loop you will be using in the modified half treble (mhtr).

Yarn around hook (yrh) and insert hook from back to front under both loops of next st,


Press the hook down to catch the (now) lower front loop of the htr – you can see it in this image just below the hook,


Press it right through to the back of the stitch – there it is near the top of the hook,


Now work remainder of htr as normal. (yrh, pull through a loop, yrh, pull through 3 loops).

IMG_2550      IMG_2549

The texture and overall effect, especially with this mega bulky yarn, is fantastic (and perfect for the pattern I’ve put together for you all)

modified half treble

Give it a try before coming back to grab your free pattern on November the first.

See you all again soon :)

Crochet by Jennifer 10K Fans Celebration

Crochet by Jennifer Banner

As a big fan of Crochet by Jennifer, I was thrilled to hear that she had reached 10,000 likes on Facebook.  CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER….you totally deserve it ♥

Of course, I was also excited about this news because this means I get to join my fellow designers and crafters in the celebrations and so do you :)

There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs including this fantastic collection of yarns and goodies from Red Heart.


Red Heart Grand Prize

There are almost 30 vendors taking part – Crochet by Jennifer, Crafting FirendsPosh Pooch DesignsYou Drive Me CrAfTy, Sandy’s Cape Cod OriginalsLittle LuviesSimply CollectibleCreative Hats and MoreAussie Girl CreationsPerfect Memories Boutique, Illuminkniti DesignsHatch-ed With LoveDanyel Pink DesignsKatie’s Crochet GoodiesArticles of a Domestic GoddessSusie J Crochet, Maloosa, Chauncey’s, The Hooked HaberdasherToo Yarn CutePlayin’ Hooky DesignsKeep Me In StitchezTwo Girls PatternsThomasina Cummings DesignsGramma Beans Handmade GiftsBowtykesSincerely PamSnApPy ToTs, A Crocheted Simplicity and Pattern Paradise!

I hope you get chance to visit some of them and let them know you appreciate them ♥

Crochet by Jennifer Giveaway

The giveaway runs until Sunday September 21st.  Full details of the prizes being offered and any terms and conditions can be found here.

Enter now!

Crochet By Jennifer 10K Fans Celebration

Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt

The Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway is underway – 23 prizes from 23 madly creative vendors will go to ONE lucky winner!

From crochet patterns to store credits for custom orders, RTS items to a luxurious Sampler Gift Basket – it truly is a Mahvelous prize.

You can get your entry in for the giveaway here.  But, before you run off to do that, let me quickly tell you about something else I think you’ll like.  Every day as part of the event, the vendors will be holding special mini games.

Today, it’s my turn :)



It’s my birthday on Saturday but, I’m having my celebrations a few days early….if it’s good enough for the queen to have two birthdays and all that ;)

For my birthday I’d like a little love from you all, if you wouldn’t mind, that is ;)
In return, I will give ONE of you a very special present of 5 FREE patterns :)

I have hidden THREE scavenger hunt logos among my patterns in my store on Ravelry.

Madly Mahvelous EVENT Graphic

To enter, all you need to do is find any/all of the logos AND favourite the items (each one counts as an entry).  There are some clues at the bottom for blog readers only ;)

Then pop back over to my Facebook and make a quick comment on the pinned post to say you’ve entered (that counts as another entry).

I will do a random selection to choose a winner when the game is over.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Oh, yes, just before the small print, here’s the clues I mentioned.

It’s round and it’s red so your fingers don’t have to be!
He’s a hoot to have hanging around!
Here, there and every bear!

This Mahvelous Giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook in any way.

Keeping Accounts

Before I begin, I’d like to make it 100% clear that I am not an accountant and have no experience of keeping accounts other than for my own personal use.

What information YOU need to keep in your accounts will vary, depending on your type of business, what level of income you have and what country you are in, among other things. If you’re in doubt as to what records you need to be keeping, you should probably seek advice from someone who knows.

But, for me, I’m in the UK, below the VAT threshold and simply need something to record my pattern sales, so that I can declare the income to the tax man at the end of the year.  If that sounds like you (or you simply want to keep household accounts), and you have access to Microsoft Excel then you may like to read on :)  Please note, I am running Office 2013 – it should open in older versions but I haven’t tested it.  Feel free to let me know via my Facebook page :)

Okay, so this is the Excel file I have designed for my accounts:

Accounts-Basic-Ready-to-Edit – you may need to click enable editing, depending on your security settings.

It consists of two Worksheets.

The first sheet, “Data Entry”, consists of 7 columns.

Date – enter the date of the transaction you are recording

Description – enter a brief description of the transaction (e.g. pattern sale, yarn purchase, web hosting, etc.)

Money In – enter the value of an incoming transaction

Money Out  – there are four columns dedicated to outgoing transactions.

Fees/Ads and Discounts – PayPal fees, advertising costs, coupons redeemed
– paper, yarn, pens, printer ink 
Web Costs
– hosting, mobile data charges
 – PC, printer, camera

These headings are fully customisable (they could just as easily read utilities, insurance, groceries and car if you are monitoring your personal accounts) Simply click in the cell and edit the contents.  Just remember that these last 4 columns are outgoings and will be treated as such within the calculations of the Worksheet.

While we are looking at customisation, you may also notice that you can change the logo for one of your own and edit the header to contain your Company Name and Address or personal info.  The information you enter in the middle of the header will be automatically copied onto the “Summary of Accounts” sheet.

Once you have done this, you are ready to make your first data entry.  I’ve added one as a sample so simply click in the cell that reads 28/8/2014 to begin.  This may say 8/28/14 if you use US date format on your PC.

Type today’s date then use the TAB key on your keyboard to move to the next cell.  Keep doing this, filling in the relevant information (don’t forget to delete the sample income if your entry is an outgoing).  At the end, simply click ‘enter’ to start entering the next transaction.

Okay, so you’ve got the hang of data entry now, yes?  I hope so :)  Let’s take a look at the “Summary of Accounts” sheet.  You can reach this by clicking the Hyperlink in the header (top right) or by using the built in Excel Sheet Tabs at the bottom of the Workbook.

In here you will see a running total of your income, outgoings (in whatever headings you entered them) and your net income.  You don’t need to edit any of the values in here…they will update automatically whenever you enter data in the other sheet.

You may also notice that the header information has updated (assuming you customised the other sheet, that is).  If you plan on printing it out later, you might like to change the logo on this page while your here ;)

All done?  Okie dokie!  To return to the “Data Entry” sheet click the Hyperlink in the header (top right) or use the built in Excel sheet tabs at the bottom of the Workbook.

I think that’s about all there is to keeping your accounts with this file.  Don’t forget to save when you exit ;)  If you have any questions, comments or would like to see something else included don’t forget you can reach me on Facebook.  I’d love to hear if it worked for you :)

Too Yarn Cute e-Magazine

Join me today to find out about my submission in the e-magazine, grab a discount code and (best of all) be in with a chance to win a free copy ♥

This week has been such a busy one with the release of two new love and friendship patterns.  So busy, in fact, that I’ve hardly had time to tell you about my submission to the Too Yarn Cute e-Magazine.

The theme of the magazine this time is Quick and Easy Patterns and Back2School.  I hope that my submission fills both those categories :)

Let me introduce the Crochet Cupcake Apple Cozy (or Cosy depending on your choice of spelling). Who said cupcakes aren’t healthy, eh!?!  ;)

Magazine Apple Cozy

Magazine Apple Cosy

These are perfect for protecting fruit in a school lunch box and great for taking a snack to work but they are also just a lot of fun to brighten up the fruit bowl in the house – they are guaranteed to raise a smile.  If you’re thinking in advance, they even make great stocking fillers, back to school gifts, craft fayre table fillers or PTA fundraisers.

This issue of the magazine contains over 20 patterns, articles and featured designers – all this for less than the price of some individual patterns!!

Better still, if you use the code 08tcd10 to get an additional 10% off any purchase at – you might even like to check out the special subscription offer while you’re there :)

BUT, if that’s not enough to tempt you, how would you like to win a copy of the magazine?

To enter, all you have to do is complete the email address section in the form below and choose a whole number between 1 and 250.  It’s as easy as that :)

Mobile entrants may find this link more accessible.

Entry will close at 8pm (GMT) on Monday 11th August 2014 and the entrant with the lowest unique number chosen will win.  If no such entrant exists, a random draw will be made using all entrants.

The prize is administered by (and delivered by) Too Yarn Cute eMagazine.

This promotion is, in no way, sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.