Crocheted Wool Soakers

The front and back of these wool soakers were crocheted in one piece (a simple rectangle).

Using UK dc (US sc), the rectangle was worked in rows (into the back of each stitch to give the ribbed effect). I didn’t have a pattern, I just made it to fit the width and rise of my son – width being half his waist measurement and the length being the rise.

To measure the rise, take a cloth tape.  Measure from belly button, through legs to just above baby’s bottom.  Easy peasy!

The sides were sewn up, leaving an opening for the legs.

To finish it off, a rib was added to the waist and legs using alternating front and back post trebles.

wool soaker   wool soaker

Lanolin on and success!

These are probably the quickest, easiest soakers I’ve ever made.  They fit lovely, wash and dry with surprising ease and do exactly what they should – soak!