The Sewing Room

As I was transferring all the things I wanted to keep from my old site, I came across the following post:

I always found that one of the worst things about sewing was having to get my machine in and out of the cupboard to get started on a project. It’s so much nicer if you can just get on with it. So, I turfed the dining table out and got my hubby to redesign my old G-Plan unit. I now have a dedicated craft room….complete with tat that doesn’t belong anywhere else in the house :S well, it’s a start!

Oh, how things change!  Since then, hubby has started a degree in music tech and taken over the sewing room as a studio.  Once more I am relegated to the dining room/homework room/computer room and general tat storage area.  I wonder if that’s the reason I crochet these days while the sewing list grows and grows?