Introducing the Summer Combo

Summer Crochet for the Crochet Stitch Challenge Game

Well, I’ve swatched and sampled and I think I’ve got the basics of a design started for the Crochet Stitch Challenge Game – YAY!

At the moment, I don’t know if it’s a top, a dress or a skirt…or possibly, all three ;)

Here’s the top version – getting somewhere, yes?

Summer Top

I decided, after making this, that the flower would look amazing in yellow – it has a real summer daffodil appearance to it.  So, despite my good intentions to stick to stash busting for a while, I just couldn’t resist popping to the store to get some yellow.

I think I may have got a little carried away.  But, at least I got the yellow!

Summer Rainbow Yarn

Ooops, I may have fallen off the no-yarn wagon but, can you blame me…isn’t it gorgeous?!?!

So, anyway, the plan now is a summer dress in the same pattern, with rainbow stripes and a little yellow flower.  There should even be enough for a little shrug top to go with it :)

I may be a few days getting this done as I’m going on a short trip on Monday and Tuesday.  A trip to Birmingham with my two fabulous daughters, an 80s rock concert and a night in a hostel for good measure.  Remind me to check the details of the hotel next time I make a booking lol.

Hope you’re having a wonderful sunny summer where you are.  And, if not, I can recommend some yarn therapy in rainbow colours for an amazing summery feel :)