Hand Socks

Having failed to get Atreyu to keep the mittens on, I resorted to what can only be described as hand socks – basically a mitten (with no thumb) and an extra length cuff which goes inside his coat/jacket.

Crochet Hand Socks

I made the pattern up as I went along but here are the basic notes I took (using dk wool and a size 4.00 hook) – I’ll iron out any wrinkles on the next pair :)

Cuff  Ch 30, join with ss Foundation row: ch3 (counts as first treble), work 1 tr into each ch to end (30 tr), join with ss Rib row: 1 tr (worked around back of stem), 1 tr (worked around front of stem), repeat to end, join with ss Repeat step 3 until cuff is long enough to go from the child’s wrist to elbow Mitten Evenly work 30 dc into the last row of rib Inc row: (1dc into each of the next 2dc, 2dc into next dc) – repeat to end (38dc) – join with ss 1dc into each dc to end – join with ss – repeat in dc for about 18 rows (or until length of hand) Dec row: (1dc into each of the next 2dc, work next two dc together to decrease) – repeat to end Repeat last row Slip stitch the opening closed and finish off