Google +

So, you’ve gone to all the trouble of making your personal Google + page welcoming and you’ve set up a linked business account.  But, first time you try to log in from your phone, link to it from Facebook or post from the Internet, you can’t for the life of you get it to go to your business page – everything you do goes to your personal page – arrrggghhh.

Sound familiar???

Luckily, there’s a really easy solution :)

1)  Log in to your G+ personal page

2)  Hover over the Profile button (top left just below the Google + logo) and open pages

3)  Click Manage this Page on your G+ Business Page

4)  From the Dashboard drop-down list, select Settings and make sure the Setting Tab is open

5)  Scroll down until you see Third-party tools and click Set up a Password

Go through the steps to create a @pages email address and password.  This email address doesn’t allow you to send and receive emails but it will allow you to log in/link to your business page instead of your personal page.

You can use these details to post from your smartphone, iPad, etc.
You can use it to set up a G+ tab on your Facebook Page
You can, if you use WordPress, use it to post directly to G+, Facebook and Twitter with the JetPack Plugin.

If you use the Chrome Browser, you can set up different user log ins and this can be one of them.  Use it with the G+ button extension and you can directly +1 anything from the web.

Nifty, eh!!!