Fleece Wraps

I’m a big fan of cloth nappies and have used them on all my little ones. But, for some reason, I didn’t pluck up the courage to use fleece wraps until quite recently….I was convinced they would leak. Amazingly, they don’t and they are so much easier to make than PUL wraps. Here’s a step by step picture how-to.

One day I might get around to updating with my pattern but for now…..

Lay a rectangle of fabric onto the outer. This will provide a nice padded gusset area for extra absorbency.

Fleece Wrap

Stitch all the way around the gusset.


Sew around the leg areas – make the hem wide enough to house the leg elastic.


Next, hem along the top and bottom – like with the legs, the hems need to be wide enough to house the elastic.

DSC00623  DSC00624

Start threading elastic through the casings. I decided to leave and inch or so that wouldn’t be elasticated.  My boy has chubby legs so this is purely for fit.

DSC00625   DSC00626

Next for the back and front. Again, I left an inch or so that isn’t elasticated.


The final step is to attach poppers for fastening. But, for this pair, I just joined the sides to make pull-on/off pants. Lazy but workable :)


One tip when using fleece wraps – don’t cover them in tight clothing as this will just lead to wet clothes and bedding. They need room to breathe and evaporate the moisture.

Same steps for this one…except I added poppers

DSC00617  DSC00614