Fancy Dress

Dress up Catch up!

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything fancy dress related, hasn’t it!!

But, as well as all the crochet related stuff I’ve been getting up to, I’ve also been making merry in a range of different outfits – cos, as you probably know, I just love the chance to dress up :)

Anyway, it has been way too long so, here’s a quick catch up :)

Last night saw hubby and I in suits, ties and bowler hats ;)  Yup, you’ve guessed it, Laurel and Hardy :)

DSC_0031   DSC_0028

Keeping us company throughout Thursbay Jam were Johnny Depp and Spectacles from the BoxTrolls – thank you so much for a fun evening guys!  Shame about the hangover this morning though – I should have left that last glass of wine in the bottle ;)

Next we had a scary glimpse into our own future when our friend Karen embraced becoming another year older by throwing and old people’s party!

It’s scary how much I look like my mother ;)   It was however a great excuse to take my crochet to the pub ;)

Finally, before I end this quick fancy dress update, I leave you with something equally as scary – my hubby, my daughter and her boyfriend and yours truly, rocking it up Clockwork Orange style for Halloween 2013.  Oh, and  some random shots, from all sorts of times and places that I can’t remember, because I left it far too long to blog about it ;)

Huge thanks go out to my amazingly talented sister-in-law-ish Lisa ‘Memory of a Soul’ Parsons who did hubby’s skull face and my witch make up – she is truly magic with a make up brush :)

Happy dressing up everyone ♥