As some of you may know, I took a break from work on Monday and Tuesday.  I got to spend a few girly days in Birmingham, with my two fabulous daughters.  The trip was centred around a visit to the O2 Academy to see Extreme – a band I first saw in 1992 with a friend from school :)

By the time we got to the concert, we’d spent several hours on a train, walked for what felt like miles and ditched our belongings in a hostel at the other end of town.  We may have been tired (as the bags under my eyes can testify) but nothing could stop us smiling :)

Birmingham Trip

The observant among you might recognise the scarf my eldest daughter is wearing – hehe, yes, I finally finished it ;)

The concert was amazing and I was like a crazy fool by the end…especially when I got the chance to touch Nuno Bettencourt’s arm during an end-of-concert frenzy ;)

PS I make no apologies for not acting my age – the band members are older than I am :O  If they can rock it out like they are 21, I can get away with acting like a teenager for the night :P

Anyway, enough of my shenanigans, back to business :)  You may recall, before I left, I uploaded a sneaky pre-opening link to the Milestone Madness Giveaway – 26 amazing crafter and creators coming together to bring you amazing prizes and more.

The hand made items and patterns up for grabs are amazing so, while there’s still time to enter, get clicking – what are you waiting for lol!

Now Closed!