Crochet Washcloth

Crochet Washcloth – (asterisk or star stitch)

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This ridged star crochet pattern, worked to the given size, will produce a crochet washcloth measuring about 8×8” (20x20cm).  But, if washcloths aren’t your thing, details are provided to work to any length and width.  Why not make a scarf, a blanket or a bath mat!

A crochet washcloth is both practical and pretty.  They make great kitchen surface wipes, facial flannels or general scrubbing cloths.  The textured design on this crochet washcloth is perfect for buffing the skin as well as scrubbing the floor!

Why not make a selection of them in different colours, tie them with a contrasting or matching bow and package them up with some ‘smellies’ for Christmas or birthdays.

You will need about 60g of 100% cotton dishcloth  yarn for the suggested size, a 3.50mm hook and a needle for neatening ends.

Download for free now.