Crochet Sailor Girl Photo Prop

Crochet Sailor Girl

Crochet Sailor Girl

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This oh-so-cute crochet sailor girl photo prop set can be made in a range of sizes from birth to 2 years and consists of a hat, a collar and a frilly dress.

Worked from the neck down, the length of the dress is fully adjustable and could even be worked to a shorter length as a top over a frilly nappy/diaper wrap.

The jaunty marine-style hat can be worked to fit a 14 – 20” (35.5 – 51cm) head circumference.

Materials: 270 – 550 m main colour, 100 – 135m contrasting colour, 3.50mm hook and 1-3 buttons (sized to fit between pairs of trebles in the button band).

In the examples shown, the main colour is white and the contrasting colour is blue. You may substitute different colours as preferred.

Gauge: 12tr and 7 rows to 3” – it is perfectly fine if you get more or less rows to the 3” – the length is fully adjustable on both the body and the sleeves.

Dress Sizes:

0-6 months
16” (40.5cm) chest
13” (33cm) centre back length

6-12 months
18” (46cm) chest
14” (35.5cm) centre back length

12 – 18 months
20” (51cm) chest
15” (38cm) centre back length

18 – 24 months
22” (56cm) chest
16” (40.5cm) centre back length

Hat Sizes (by head circumference)

Size 1 – 14” (35.5cm/small newborn)
Size 2 – 16” (40.5cm/0-6 months)
Size 3 – 18” (45.5cm/6-12 months)
Size 4 – 20” (51cm/12-24 months)