Crochet Gifts

This month I took part in a secret handmade gift exchange with the Mad Mad Makers.  No matter how much I stalked my giftee, I was still really nervous about whether she’d like it or not.  I was convinced I’d pick up on the wrong signs as I trawled her Facebook, Pinterest, etc for clues :O

Today I woke to the happy news that she had not only received it, (a minor miracle in itself if you knew how close to the weight/size limit I’d got), but that she liked it ♥

Phew, I’m one happy gift sender :)

My giftee (the awesome Cassie from Scarlet’s Corner) was in the US so I wanted to send a little bit of Wales/UK in the parcel – this came in the form of English and Welsh Tea (yup, they do make it), chocolate, jelly babies, sweets and a Welsh love-spoon.

But, my main gifts were to be handmade.  I dithered about this for such a long time – I mean, what do you make for the lady who has the talent to make it all herself?!?  One-by-one I eliminated all forms of clothing, jewellery and scents and finally settled on something for the home.

The first was a little owl hanging, stiffened using cornstarch which was a first for me –  this info from Heritage Heartcraft was great for guiding me through this process.  I decided against using my microwave as it’s a monster of a machine.  But, even on the hob, it only took minutes to prepare.  I later added some tassels to the bottom of the owl but, since I forgot to take piccies, here he is sans feathers ;)


My second gift was actually quite simple but I love how it turned out.  I took a plain shadow box frame and a sheet of modern floral paper.  To make it a little more special, I crocheted some flowers to match those in the design, overlaid them to create a 3D image (which extended out of the aperture into the surround) and finished it all off with a little bit of bling!


I’m so glad she liked it but, indirectly, I may have got more out of this than my giftee did ;)  I enjoyed making the picture so much, (and I have since had so many ideas for filling the frame), that I think I may have found myself another hobby to keep me out of mischief ;)