Crochet Box Cord

This quick and easy technique is great for making cord for braiding, bracelets, ties, headbands and so many other items.  It works in all yarns from fine to chunky and is much quicker to work than the traditional slip stitch (or UK double/US single crochet) into a chain alternative.

UPDATE:  Since posting, I’ve had quite a few people comment on how they thought this was a foundation half treble (US foundation half double crochet).  I can see why they may have thought this but, not this time ;)

The foundation ‘half’ stitches have an intermediate step where you make a chain.  It is this chain that you work the subsequent stitches into.  The crochet box cord does not have this chain and you work your subsequent stitches into the ‘top’ of the previous stitch.  This is the tricky bit I go on to explain next ;)

If I had to say what this was most like, I would say it’s a reverse UK htr/US hdc  or UK htr/US hdc ‘crab’ stitch….give it a go and you’ll see what I mean :)

So, The trickiest bit is definitely the angle you insert the hook to make each stitch.  It feels a little un-natural to insert the hook from back to front towards you.  But, with a little practice this (like most things) becomes easier to do.

Give it a try and pop along to my FB page to comment or ask questions if you have any :)

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