Crochet-along (CAL) – Everyone Welcome!

I’ve set myself a crochet challenge this month.  I’m joining in with my own crochet-along (CAL) to make a scarf for my daughter (since I didn’t feel the first one was summery enough).

The pattern is for a crochet Summer Scarf with Lace Pattern and the repeat is just 8 rows so nice an easy to keep up with.  The pattern includes UK and US terms, along with a chart for those who prefer a visual way of working.

Here’s a close up of the detail.

Information about the crochet-along and the FREE pattern code can be found here, in the group I share with Bowtykes.

The first one was worked in black 4 ply yarn but I’ve chosen an aqua thread for the new one. Here’s my progress so far :)

Details of how to work the pattern repeat to any width are also included in the pattern so, if a scarf doesn’t appeal, how about a wrap, a table cloth, a lacy layering blanket…the possibilities are endless :)  One of the ladies who joined in has even modified the stitch pattern to make a pair of socks.  I challenge you to beat that for ingenuity!

Do come and join in ♥ We’d love to see you.