3D Crochet Christmas Decorations Snowflake Centrepiece

This crochet pattern PDF will enable you to create a 3 dimensional Christmas decorations that are something a little different!

Crochet 3D Christmas Decoration

Join 6 individual decorations together as shown to create an amazing 12” (30cm) snowflake centrepiece or simply hang the individual 6” (15cm) pieces.

Crochet 3D Christmas Decoration

You will need

  • 90g of 100% cotton DK per snowflake or 15g of 100% cotton DK per decoration. Yarn used in the example had 210m to the 100g.
  • a 3.50mm hook (or sized to give tight stitches)
  • a wool needle for neatening ends
  • 200ml PVA glue and 200ml cold water or stiffening agent of choice
  • a blocking mat covered with polythene wrap/film
  • some ribbon for hanging – you may choose to use yarn instead

Instructions include information on blocking, stiffening and completing in addition to the pattern.

This pattern is written in UK abbreviations with a table of US equivalents provided as applicable.