Social Media Confusion

Sometimes, there are so many social media outlets to read and chat on I find myself lost and confused!

Social Media Confusion

I find something that I think everyone will love but I don’t know whether to tweet it, blog it or add it to Facebook.  When I’m working on something and I want to share it, should I add it to Pinterest, Instagram or do I post about it on Google +?

It usually takes me so long to figure it all out that, I either lose the will to post or, I go into overdrive and hit them all :/

So, anyway, today I was cleaning up my website and I clicked on my Rebelmouse tab to see if anything needed fixing.  To be honest, I haven’t visited Rebelmouse for so long, I’d pretty much forgotten that tab was even there.  Sorry Mr Mouse.


But, guess what, it’s working really well and doing everything it’s supposed to.  Instead of the reader having to try and guess where I will be posting from day to day, it actually gathers stuff from all the different places.

It’s a great way to get a daily fix of ‘pretty’ and often ‘awesome’ without having to trek around the houses to find it!

You can view my Rebelmouse Stream any time here, or at Rebelmouse.  Why not subscribe for daily updates and you can be sure you won’t miss anything worth seeing :)

It really is the easiest way ever to keep an eye on what’s happening in the handmade world without jumping from site to site.  So, enough of the chatting, let me plump up your cushions, grab you a cuppa and you can put your feet up to watch the feed go by ;)

[rebelmouse site_name=”TCDesigns” more_button = 1]